Best Cookie Ever

Here at Cookie Joy, we are serious about our cookies.  We bake everything fresh throughout the day with only the finest quality ingredients.  You can find fresh butter, sugar, and pure vanilla in our cookies.  Never any weird stuff.  After we're done mixing and baking your cookies to order, we wrap them in some fancy packaging (because cookies taste better when they're pretty!) and deliver them right to your door.  Does life get any better?

We are a local business proudly serving our neighbors right here in San Angelo, Texas.  We guarantee you'll love our cookies, but you must taste them to believe!  Order some today! 

Give Cookies 

Why, thank you!

Want to show someone a little love today?  Let us do the work for you and send your regards with fresh, gooey cookies!  

Whether you want to say happy birthday to a friend, thank you to your employees, or I love you to your sweetie, say it with cookies!  Call us and order their favorite flavor, and we'll bake and custom package their cookies and deliver them to that lucky someone complete with a special note from you.  You order, we deliver, they smile.   

What's your Flavor? 

decisions, decisions. . .

Everyone has a favorite, and Cookie Joy's delectable variety will make it tough to choose.  Snickerdoodle or chocolate chip?  Oatmeal raisin or M&M?  Heck, get crazy and try them all.  We won't tell.  

Looking for something new?  Be sure to try our Featured Cookie!  Every month we create and feature a special cookie for our fellow cookie aficionados. Indulge in our Coconut Lime cookie for springtime, or a few Sugared Cranberry cookies in December. You just might fall for something new! But, of course, we'll always be baking your old favorites.